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With Intent....

Helping individuals and families increase empowerment, resilience and compassion.

Bryan Holtz

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Ann O'Keeffe Rodgers

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Is This Being Selfish

No!  You can't really true care, compassionate and truly love another if we don't learn to take care, be compassionate and love ourselves.  We need to take care of ourselves in mind, body and soul.

Epiphanies are awaiting...

No matter who you are, 

where you're going, 

or what you're going through, 

you are worthy of the help you need 

to become the BEST version of yourself!

Our Mission 

To provide personal coaching and resources to motivate and guide individuals, couples and families, fractured or together, to be authentic, resilient, and best version of yourself and live the best life possible.  We do this through addressing all aspects of your life: body, mind and soul.  We listen and learn the best way to inspire and encourage, refine and sharpen personal skills and thought processes.  We figure out together the best way for you to survive and overcome struggles, in order for you to succeed, thrive, love and be loved in life.  Finally, you know when someone has reached this epiphany; they are absolutely gracious and joyful.

Whatever you are wanting and
willing to work on, we are here to help.

Bryan Holtz, BS, MDiv, CPE, REA

Epiphanies Guidance Life Coach


Specializes in:

Relationships, Discernment w/ Vocation and Career, 

Low-Conflict Divorce, Mind, Body, and Spiritual Health, ADHD, Addiction, Depression/Anxiety, Spirituality, Encouragement/Self-Esteem, Self-Improvement, Emotional and Behavioral Management, and anything under the sun.

Cell: 904-610-6005


Ann O'Keeffe Rodgers, BA, Mediator, Subject Matter Expert

Epiphanies Guidance Life Coach


Specializing in:

Relationships, Marriage, High-Conflict Divorce, Resilience,

Parental Alienation, Autism and Related Blessings, 

Caregiver Respite and Tutoring, especially Spanish.

Cell:  614-962-9907


Epiphany Awaits LLC

Main Office:

1843 Atlantic Boulevard, Jacksonville, Florida 32207

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