Support Groups

A support group is where one sees others on a regular basis who are on the same journey. To be able to trade tips and resources, as well as look into the eyes of others experiencing the same hole in the heart as you – now THAT is powerfully healing.

June 1, 2021 start date - 700 pm Eastern time (please plan to arrive no later than 655 pm)

Schedule details can be found at

Meetings are held at The Resolution Center of Jacksonville (1843 Atlantic Boulevard, 32207).  All participants agree to abide by the following guidelines.

The support group is a forum for thoughtful commentary and civil dialogue intended to enlighten your fellow parents with additional insight, tips, or counterpoints.


A quick list of things that are not appropriate or acceptable in the support group:


  • Off-topic comments. Comments need to tie-in to health and healing on our journey, or to the “syndrome” of PA, so please keep them relevant. We have to be especially strict in regard to hot-button and sensitive topics.
  • Hate speech, offensive or obscene language.
  • Personal attacks or name calling towards any other person, or groups. Personal attacks against any support-group members -- including moderators — will not be tolerated.
  • Speculation on another person’s feelings or intentions.
  • Victim blaming or insensitive comments.
  • Shouting or angry voices.
  • Commercial promotion or solicitation.