Topics of Interest

Relationships, Discernment of Vocation and Career, Marriage, Health, ADHD, Addiction, Spirituality, Encouragement/Self-Esteem, Self-Improvement, Emotional and Behavioral Management, 

Divorce (including high conflict divorce), Resilience,

Parental Alienation, Autism and Related Blessings, Peer Support

and Caregiver Respite.


How to Save Your Marriage from the Pandemic

Join Shan and Jen Vendt, Northeast Florida Retrouvaille Coordinators, as they share some key ways of staying connected and some of our own life lessons to guide the journey together through the year 2020 and come out stronger on the other side.

Low/High-Conflict Divorce

Mind, Body, and Spiritual Health

A Very Unique Way to Combine Prayer and Exercise

Caregiver Respite

Hope Springs Florida

Hope Springs Florida is a resource for families with a special needs child who are in need of a break.  We are 30 minutes from the beach, with all of the resources of sunshine, nature and the subtropics of northeast Florida.  Contact Ann for more information.

Tutoring, especially Spanish

Spanish Tutoring

Ann provides in person and virtual Spanish tutoring.  



Dr.  Ann Masten of the University of Minnesota has authored a powerful article on how to tap in to your own inner resilience, which you may have never known about.